ODM OS Development & Support

We develop and offer OS customization for customers’ businesses

Services included

  • Private label OS customization
  • Quality assurance
  • Open source compliances
    with legal issue guarantee
  • 1-year free technical support

Benefits of ODM OS Development & Support


  • Wayne Inc. develops behalf of customers
  • Launch your own brand OS anytime


  • No slowing down
  • Suitable for thin client devices


  • Offer integrity on user level
  • No app installation/virus-free and web-only usage

Save TCO

  • Save the TCO for the devices’ production/maintenance/education
  • Install on an unlimited number of devices


  • Technical issue
  • Legal issue

Vendor Neutral

  • Own private label OS even after the contract period
  • OS maintenance is available at Wayne OS open source community

Use case

Interactive Kiosk

  • POP device in smart factory
  • Secure information search PC
    in public place
  • Interactive board in school


  • An alternative to Chromebook
    in schools
  • Turns Low-end/2nd-hand PCs into lightweight PCs
  • Internet PCs for Network segmentation

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